ABOUT Quantum Promotions

For over 35 years, Quantum Promotions has been a leader in Promotional Advertising, Branding and Image Making. We will show you how to successfully develop, hone and brand your image, to create a demand for your product or service.

Successful branding results in an increase in Sales Volume, Marketshare, Brand Awareness, Profit margins and Client Loyalty, as well as Employee Performance and Dedication.

This is acheived by examining your Company, Government Agency or NGO, to define all relevant Target Markets, and kraft or refine a customized Promotional Advertising Plan, specifically designed to achieve your goals.

Quantum Promotions has been creating success stories for over 35 Years. Available services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Image and Brand Development
  • Sales and Product Release Promotion
  • Corporate Identity, Incentive and Award Programs
  • Trade Show Materials: Booths, Tents, Table Tops, Ad Premiums, Printed Collateral
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Promotional Advertising Products, Giveaways, Incentives
  • Printed Literature & Supplies
  • Mail List Development and Direct Mail Services
  • Product Storage and Fulfillment Services

With over 850,000 stock promotional items to choose from (Pens, Caps, T-Shirts, Awards, Calendars, Magnets, USB products, Branded Office supplies, Premium Gifts, Hi-Tech tools, Glassware, Trade-show Giveaways, personal achievement awards, etc.), and comprehensive services to help you reach and service your clients, we can custom design a completely scalable, promotional advertising or incentive program to address your needs.


 Experience - Quality - Service - Convenience - Value

We have expertise working with small business to fortune 500 companies. Some of the more well-known are:

Sony, IBM, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, NEC, Novell, SuSE, Bio-Rad, The US Navy, The US Army, The State of California, The Cities of Oakland and San Francisco, The Oakland Museum, KPMC, Alameda County, AC Transit, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, General Motors, MB Realty, Rosanelli Medical, UC Berkeley, UCSF, SFSU, Aidswalk, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Shield, Ronin Publishing, Diane Feinstein's Campaign for Senate, California Public Health Institute, The California Historical Society, The Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Titan Insurance, NASA, JPL


There are many, many more small and large companies, NGO's, public entities and individuals that we have assisted, all to gain and retain marketshare, promote, expand, or retain business and awareness, to motivate and reward employees and clients, to provide branded merchandise for sale, auction, contest or givaway, or to generally increase the image and/or brand awareness of a company, group or product. With any new client, we begin by asking the following:


  • 1) Do you have a mission statement?
  • 2) Have you taken a self inventory of where you fit in your industry?
  • 3) What do you wish to achieve with your promotion/advertising/incentive plan?
  • 4) Have you conducted any market research?
  • 5) What is your perceived target market?
  • 6) What is your expected budget?
  • 7) What is your timeline?


Answers to these questions are essential, before any promotion/advertising/incentive program can begin.

Promotional advertising, if done correctly, can be the absolute BEST use of your advertising and promotional dollar, with ROI (return on investment) exceeding all other advertising vehicles. Many people, however, do not think their advertising dollar through well enough, and end up with too little return for their money.

Quantum Promotions has decades of proven experience, assisting small and midsized companies to grab and retain marketshare, helping government entities to promote public services and programs, and most importantly, helping to create and promote YOUR "brand" or "image."

Contact us today for a free consultation, or if you are simply looking for a specific product, try browsing our promotional product database, to the left of this page.